The GREENHOUSE FARM RESORT is a new lifeline, a portent antidote. It is an ultramodern compact facility that offers premium natured leisure services to corporate peaceful relaxing-seekers. With its wide and diverse range of services and activities offered, everybody is guaranteed a beautiful and extraordinary time! It was started many years ago to mark the celebration of green eco initiatives and support environmental issues.

It is notable as the biggest, compacted and most eco-friendly resort around. Founded by Dr. Mary Adikwu. Situated away from the raving pulsation of Abuja city and a relieving drive along the Karshi, Orozo express way. As you escape the intensity of the city, Green House Farm allows you enjoy the serene environment of Papalada Loko, making your way into the interior where awaiting you is the breath-taking calm of the resort!

It is our village powered by nature your perfect get-away! These grounds are covered by two hectares of land, encompassed by the flowerbeds, naturally scented air and alluring atmosphere creating a sense of tranquillity and enriching your health and wellbeing, all designed JUST for YOU! For your Release, Relaxation and Rejuvenation!

Through our experience and expertise, we have been allowed the space to commercialize and create other landscaping projects across Abuja. You are welcome to the Green House Farms and Resort.

Our Special Qualities:

1. Top Class Cleaning & Maintenance in a natural Village Setting!
2. Particular Attention to Nutrition
3. Excellent Service (Timeliness and Precision)
4. Complete and Total SECURITY & SAFETY
5. Zero Tolerance for pests & rodents
6. Particular Attention to Nutrition
7. Superlative Hygiene Standards
8. Complete and Total PRIVACY
9. Superior Air Quality
10. Zero Noise Levels
11. Various activities

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